Important Notes and Rules for Burning Foot Beer Festival Food Vendors

  • Applications and Payment are due by July 1, 2023. Any vendors that have not
    provided the application and payment by July 1, 2023 will not be considered for the 2023
  • You can accept any type of payment and will be responsible for your own sales. You
    may only sell pop and water. No alcoholic beverages may be sold.
  • IMPORTANT SET-UP/TEAR DOWN INFO: All food trucks and booths MUST be set up
    on Friday, August 25 between the hours of 9am-4pm. On Saturday August 26 you can
    load in food or supplies until 10am. Tear down must be complete by Sunday, August 27
    at 12:00pm.
  • NEW!! We are working hard towards being a zero impact festival. To assist us
    in these efforts, we require that you use sustainable packaging. It will be a
    requirement that you are using compostable/greenware products for your
    servings utensils (I.E. Plates, Bowls, Forks, Napkins, Etc). We will confirm the
    day of the event by inspection that you are using these products otherwise
    you will not be allowed to serve.
  • NEW!! You need to provide your own source of power, including a generator if needed,
    for the event.
  • You need to provide your own ice, tables,and other items needed for your set up.
  • Due to our festival insurance policy ALL volunteers/workers must be 21 years of age
    or older. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Vendor Hours: Saturday, August 26, 2023 from 2pm to 10pm.