Will there be a Shuttle Service?

We have added back a second shuttle stop in the Lakeside area which will be a much faster route to and from the festival grounds. This location will be at the Grand Trunk Boat launch located at Lakeshore and McCracken.

Second, we have adjusted to downtown Shuttle to pick up and drop off near the Delta Marriott Hotel at 3rd and Western. Both shuttle locations will be clearly marked with Pickup/Drop off A-frame banners.

Last, the Pere Marquette Shuttle Stop will be moved from right in front of the festival grounds to the backside of the Parking lot right across the street from the festival grounds (see photo below). This was done to help ease some congestion we get right at the time the gates let out. That area will also be clearly marked with Pickup/Drop off A-frame signage.

Shuttles will run from 11 am to 11 pm in a continuous loop. Please make sure you get on a shuttle early. As the traffic picks up at the beach the shuttles do run slower because of increased congestion at the beach. So we have added some time the run earlier in the day to help folks get to the beach.