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Ticket Information

Are designated driver tickets available?

YES! Tickets are $40 each and include all the music and festivities, we will have our Beach-themed food menu and N/A available for purchase. No DD discounts for the VIP area.

I thought we didn’t need drink tickets anymore?

Yeah, that’s what we thought too.  Unfortunately, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has not clearly defined the rule in this regard, so for now, we still have to collect tickets for samples. You get 15 drink tickets with your festival ticket, and more can be purchased.

How much is each ticket to Burning Foot?

G.A Tickets are $60.00 per ticket ($80 day of) – G.A Tickets include tasting glass & 15 Sample Tickets.- Sandbox “VIP” are $150.00 a ticket (Includes 1 Hour early entry, access to sandbox area, tasting glass w/ 15 sample tickets, access to reserve beers in VIP area, dinner, smores bar, fee n/a beverages)

General Admission – $60/ticket ($80 day of)
Sandbox “VIP” – $150/ticket ($170 day of)
Designated Driver – $40/ticket ($50 day of)
Tent Camping – $75 ($95 day of)
RV/Trailer Camping – $150($200 day of)

General Information

Will there be a Shuttle Service?

We have added back a second shuttle stop in the Lakeside area which will be a much faster route to and from the festival grounds. This location will be at the Grand Trunk Boat launch located at Lakeshore and McCracken.

Second, we have adjusted to downtown Shuttle to pick up and drop off near the Delta Marriott Hotel at 3rd and Western. Both shuttle locations will be clearly marked with Pickup/Drop off A-frame banners.

Last, the Pere Marquette Shuttle Stop will be moved from right in front of the festival grounds to the backside of the Parking lot right across the street from the festival grounds (see photo below). This was done to help ease some congestion we get right at the time the gates let out. That area will also be clearly marked with Pickup/Drop off A-frame signage.

Shuttles will run from 11 am to 11 pm in a continuous loop. Please make sure you get on a shuttle early. As the traffic picks up at the beach the shuttles do run slower because of increased congestion at the beach. So we have added some time the run earlier in the day to help folks get to the beach.

Can I bring in a refillable water bottle?

Absolutely!  The vessel MUST be empty when you enter the event.  This includes Camelbacks.  No exceptions.  There are igloo cooler water stations located throughout the event space that you can use to fill up your vessels.  A tip: let the water in the cooler run a bit, then it will get cold.  Remember, we ARE on a beach with hopefully a lot of sun!

How can I contact the organizer with any other questions?

You can email us at info@lakeshoreguild.beer, or message us on our Facebook or Instagram page.  Please remember that the week of the event, we are at the beach up to 14 hours a day building the event, so there will be delays in getting a response.

Can I bring a pop-up tent?

No, the Burning Foot site plan is not built to handle pop-up tents, but you are more than welcome to set them up outside the event space on the beach and enter and exit the festival grounds as you wish.

Is there shade / rain cover available?

Burning Foot is an open-air event so if there is a chance of rain please bring proper coverage. We also have a check-in area setup if you do not want to carry your items around with you.

Where can I park?

You can park anywhere along Beach Street or at any of Pere Marquette park’s parking lots. Come early if you want to park close. Please be aware that some parking spaces can be up to 1/2 mile away. You will have to PAY FOR PARKING. Daily passes can be purchased for $10, or you can purchase a yearly pass for $20.  All parking passes must be purchased at the city-owned pay stations.  If you are a resident of the City of Muskegon, your parking pass from the city applies!

Will there be a Shoe/Chair Check-in area?

YES! Once again this year will be a shoe or beach chair check-in area. This is a fundraiser for our friends at Noah’s Project and you will have the chance to go barefoot and Burning Foot or lose anything you don’t want to carry around with you. A small donation is needed to check in items and all proceeds go to Noah’s Project.

What can I bring/not bring to festival grounds?

First and foremost Burning Foot is a 21+ event only so NO CHILDREN as well as NO PETS.  Absolutely no weapons or firearms, no outside alcohol or drugs, no containers or glass, and no outside N/A Beverages (we will have those for sales inside the grounds). We DO allow, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach bags (will be checked at the gate), beach towels, as well as shoes/no shoes, and swim/beach attire.

Lakeshore Brewers Guild


How do I volunteer?

As any great festival goes, we need a strong team of dedicated volunteers to make it happen. The link below will take you to the volunteer sign-up page and show you all the available shifts still left. Every volunteer will receive 1 ticket to Burning Foot (and all items that come with the ticket) a volunteer T-Shirt, and an invite to our volunteer appreciation party Friday night Aug. 26 on the LST 393.


Are those camping in tents guaranteed a parking space?

Campers are not guaranteed a space but set up for tents and trailers starts at 9:00 am. Based on that time there are plenty of spaces available still. You will have to pay for Parking.  The cost is $10 a day, $20 if you stay overnight, or $20 for the season.  All parking passes can be purchased through the city-owned pay stations

What are the details for camping?

  • Tent and RV/Trailer sites can be set up starting at 9:00 AM the morning of the event. There will be a check-in at both the Tent camping area entrance and also the RV/Trailer camping entrance. At check-in, you will receive your site number and your camping wristbands.
  • Sites must be torn down by 10-10:30 am the next day and please clean up your site space (Don’t leave trash behind)
  • We will have a community-style fire at the tent camping area.
  • You are allowed to bring in food and a cooler for your space.
  • Please limit 1 tent per tent space if possible, Tent sites are 20×20
  • RV/Trailer sites are roughly 18×40 in size.


Will there be music?

YES! part of the culture that is Burning Foot is to have some killer music.  We will always have a blend of local, regional, and national headliners. Every year we plan to grow a little and continue to make the musical part bigger and better!


Will there be a gluten-free beer at the festival?

YES! We will have some Seltzer and Gluten-free beer options at the festival. Your program will be marked with Seltzer and Gluten-Free options. But we are a beer festival so the mass majority of offerings will be delicious craft beer.